Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guadalajara Hacienda (Tex-Mex) in Houston, TX

In our last post, we told you that we'd get around to sampling some Tex-Mex for our readers and as you can see, we couldn't resist long, Although, this is going to be a Livin Tejas first because it's a review of a chain restaurant. While we love chain restaurants just as much as the next person, we normally don't review them because we think they can be a little cliche. Guadalajara Hacienda on the other hand, in Houston, Texas is a huge exception to that. It exhibits originality in every department and exceeds in exceptional food.

Eating there one fine Sunday, Livin Tejas had the privilege of tasting some extraordinary above and beyond salsa and that's when we had a sneaking suspicion that the rest of the food would follow in its footsteps. It was like the salsa, which a had a really good tingling lime taste that we had never tasted in salsa before, was speaking to us. It was addicting to say the least, as chip after chip met its demise thanks to this flavorful salsa. We could go on forever about how good the salsa was, the best we've ever had as a matter of fact, but that wouldn't be fair to the rest of the delicious food.
Whenever Livin Tejas trys a Mexican (or Tex-Mex because the lines are blurred between those categories a lot here in Texas) restaurant for the first time and we've tried countless ones, we always start with the chicken enchiladas. We just believe they're a good test of a Tex-Mex restaurant. We always say, if they can get the chicken enchiladas right, which is a staple of Tex-Mex here in Texas, then they are likely to succeed in other areas.
We proceeded to order the combo plate, that consisted of a beef enchilada, beef taco, empanada, and substituted the cheese enchilada for a chicken enchilada. We also ordered a portobello mushroom stuffed with chicken....very brave. How did both how dishes stack up?

When we first tasted the chicken enchilada it was apparent that Guadalajara Hacienda cares about serving the best food possible. The reason we say this is because I almost burned my mouth at first bite. We've never had a enchilada plate at any Mexican restaurant, be served as piping hot as this one was. After that, we were thoroughly impressed with every bite as the beef and chicken enchiladas were plump, cheesy, and done just right with lots delicious Mexican flavor. A plus, and hard to beat.

Just looking at this portobello mushroom stuffed with chicken and spinach, brings to mind that we need to eat out more and be adventurous and try unique dishes on the menu. Livin Tejas was brave and it paid off because we had no complaints. 

We can't end without telling you that the service matched the food in every regard. The wait staff were very friendly and did an awesome job refilling our drinks whenever it even got close to running out, not to mention refilling the salsa; very attentive for a chain restaurant. Like big portions? You won't be disappointed here as you get great value for your money. All in all, if you ever find yourself in the Houston area, and looking to satisfy a Mexican food craving, Guadalajara Hacienda will knock you out with its salsa and keep delivering the best Tex-Mex this side of the Rio Grande. To find out locations as there are several in the Houston area, their website is a good place to start: Guadalajara Hacienda


  1. Portobello stuffed with chicken & spinach at Tex-Mex restaurant?..creative!

  2. Cafe Dietitian, that's we thought too! It was very creative and tasted just as good. We were pleasantly surprised. If you're ever in Houston and need a Tex-Mex fix, this is the place! Thanks for stopping by. Always appreciate your feedback!



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