Saturday, May 14, 2011

Goode Co. Seafood in Houston: "Goode" Seafood Is The Keyword Here

Nothing like eating "Goode" Seafood in a train car. 
If you're a lover of seafood and you grew up eating it as I did, then you know that it's hard getting enough good seafood. Goode Co. Seafood in Houston, TX happens to be one of my favorites seafood joints that I have fond childhood memories of. No wonder I like seafood so much, I was born and raised eating some of the best which can be found in Houston since it's only 45 short minutes from the Texas Gulf Coast. That makes it very fresh therefore good by inheritance but not a guarantee as I've been to some lousy seafood restaurants in the Houston/Galveston area which I won't mention here.

Like most times eating out, to make sure I get the most out of my visit, if one is available, I go for the platter. My reasoning is, if you're going to eat good food, and in this case seafood you might as well go all out and sample not only the fish but all the usual awesome seafood suspects. This platter just happens to include just that with shrimp, oysters, stuffed shrimp, stuffed crab, and catfish. Did it meet expectations in the quality department? You don't even have to ask, the freshness combined with the way Goode Co. Seafood fries and lightly batters their catch, is a winning a combo.

This Mexican Seafood Cocktail at Goode Co. is a starter that is hard to pass up.
There's no doubt that Goode Co. Seafood is a guarantee for seafood satisfaction. Not only is the seafood some of the best in Houston but the atmosphere is very casual and unique because it's in a train car building. I probably need to clear that up so that there won't be any confusion. This is not a building that is fashioned to look like a train car, it is a real train car. They may of added some building elements to it but I'm telling you, you'll be surprised when you see it for the first time. 

As the first seafood restaurant they opened in Houston in 1986, that makes this particular location on Westpark Drive a standout from the other seafood locations they've since opened. That's another winning combo...good food plus awesomely good atmosphere. To check out this Westpark location, along with the other Goode Co. family of restaurants, visit:  Goode Co. Seafood

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