Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scotty P's Hamburgers in Dallas, TX Equals Attention To Detail

The bang for your buck feature is at play here as all this awesome American grub came in at just under $19.
Livin' Tejas has a theory when it comes to knowing whether a restaurant is going to be a winner or a loser and we like to think it comes down to attention to detail. We found such a place that proves our theory correct and what a delicious find it is. Yes, it's name is Scotty P's Hamburgers and they truly live up to expectations and not to mention their catchy little motto that says, "That's One Historic Burger." We found ourselves whole heartily agreeing with that motto in every bite we took.

When a burger looks like that you know it's gonna be good, it was.
Case numero uno with the attention to detail that was exhibited at this burger eatery started with the bun. Case in point, a ton of hamburger joints that we've been to overlook the importance of having a tasty bun. Have no fear though because Scotty P's has this covered and then some. Then some was the fact that not only was the bun very tasty but it was toasted to a buttery perfection. How do they do it? We don't know because this was one of the best buns we've ever consumed. Ok, come to think of it, we did wait awhile for our food, maybe they were back there baking them fresh. We really don't know but they sure tasted like it. This should tell you that, I can be a little impatient when it comes to waiting on food at a restaurant probably like most of you if you can admit to letting your hunger get the best of you. What really counts as my wife likes to tell me when I complain as I did here, as that probably means they are really cooking your food and that it's going to be good. How right she was as it was totally worth the agonizing wait.

Also, come to think of it this place was PACKED and got even more so as we lucked out and get there in the nick of time before an even bigger rush came whooshing through the restaurant and I kid you not, took every available seat! I was thankful that, my party got a booth and was not the table next to me, where we heard a customer ask another if they could share their long table. Yeah, hate me, but I like my space and privacy when I'm chowing down on my grub. It's a very intimate moment when your a foodie like me so let no women, man, or child interrupt that. I digress, but you know when a place gets as packed as this restaurant was, you know it's probably word of mouth and that it's a good sign that it's gonna be good!

A couple of winning bites into my Scotty P's experience and I was in burger heaven.
Case numero dos, for greatness and attention to detail which leads to perfection, the quality of the ingredients and in this case, (forgive me for over using case but I have to make my case) the quality of the beef. Damn, Dang it, every word that comes to mind but not in a bad way, Scotty P's gives their choice of beef the attention it deserves. The ground chuck that I chucked into my mouth was so unimaginably tasty, it had me wanting to bum rush the counter and ask them where they got it. Alas, I didn't but I should of.

What kind of burger did I get you might ask? You gotta give me mucho props for this and I'll tell you because you'll never guess on you own. The name for this creation was called the Borchardt Cheeseburger. I told you that you'd never guess. Yes, funny name but serious burger, to kind of borrow a famous fast food phrase but if the burger fits then it works. This Borchardt did work in ever sense of the word, with not with an ordinary ol' slice of American cheese but with grated cheese, fresh tomato and shredded lettuce.

You've seen this before but you got to have these to believe it.
Case numero tres, deeeee-licious sides. Scotty P's put the P in scrumPtious and sealed the deal with none other than my favorite kind of onion ring known as onion strings. It would of been one thing if these were average onion stings but that wasn't the case. These were fried to onion string perfection and had that tasty crunch where you can't stop eating them because they fall into the addictive category.

These are not even the onion rings that Scotty P's is known for. Believe or not they offer two different kind onion rings, the other affectionately known as Scotty P's O'mazing Onion Rings which as the menu states are handmade every morning. That right there makes me want to try them but it will have to wait until next trip as I couldn't pass up the onion strings because like I said in past posts, you don't find them everywhere you go.

How were the fries you might ask? You might know from reading this blog that I'm not a french fan fanatic because I like my onion rings too much but I know a good fry when I taste one. The fries at Scotty P's were no exception. Just like the onion strings, they were fried to perfection and had a very addictive quality to them. Seems to be a trend at Scotty P's.

The atmosphere at Scotty P's (at least at the Frisco, TX location) is nothing fancy, which is just fine for a burger joint. Ask any Texan, and they'll probably tell you that it's not about that when it comes their burgers, they just want a mighty tasty one. I think we've made the case that Scotty P's has that and more. However, while Scotty P's is not big on atmosphere, it does have a very easy going casualness that I look for. What I mean, is it's an order at the counter, sit where you want, and pick up you food when it's called system which is very convenient and relaxed.

We now can close this case of Scotty P's Hamburgers but it trust me, it will be reopened time and time again in the future when I return to this winning hamburger joint. To dive into your own case of Scotty P's please check out their website: Scotty P's Hamburgers for the 7 locations that have spread hamburger greatness across the Dallas metroplex.

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