Thursday, September 1, 2011

OldWest Cafe in Denton, TX: Living Good Country Style

It might not look like much from the outside but the food at OldWest Cafe in Denton, TX just outside of the DFW Metroplex is simply down home country good. As a bonus, OldWest Cafe is known for really packing on the portion size in serving country style breakfast and lunch until 2pm. This is plenty of time to fill up for the start of the day but still gives you the rest of the day to burn it off.... or sleep it off for that matter. We're guessing, it'll be the couch because we've have been that route on more than one occasion. Yes, we really love those kinds of places so it was only a matter of time before we ended up at OldWest Cafe.

We also figured we could stretch our dollar a long way in the value side of things which we consider a part of the Livin' Tejas philosophy. That leaves more money to "Live Texas" and find the next great Texas destination. With that being said, Livin' Tejas is not all about portion size and how much food you get for your dollar. If we wanted that, we'd of stopped in at the Golden Corral down the street, but it's our take that the food has to be good and delicious too or it's all for nothing. Was it all for nothing at OldWest Cafe that obviously and proudly proclaims good food on their sign? Livin' Tejas had no qualms about finding out...

It's impossible to go wrong with the Almond Crisp, well maybe for your waist line but this blog isn't about that

We started with a daring plate, affectionately (not really but it sounds good) as the Almond Crisp. How can you resist ordering a plate that features french toast coated in almond syrup with whipped cream and bananas to top it off? We couldn't. If that wasn't enough, the Almond Crip breakfast plate which almost could be called dessert included two eggs of your choice and your choice of two bacon, sausage or grilled ham. Even with all that packed into one breakfast plate, we polished it off and we can safely say there has probably been plenty of customers that have done just that and left happy.

For our second swing, we went with the Bronco Buster. Any plate with the word "Buster" could mean we'd be bustin' at the seams afterwards but Live Goode definitely has a healthy appetite so we could handle it. The Bronco Buster (the two plates at the right of the of the picture) which was my responsibility and consisted of two very large buttermilk pancakes, two scrambled eggs, two sausages, and a biscuit was not as daring as the Almond Crisp. Although I was satisfied after finishing this plate, I sadly regretted that we didn't test something more tempting that really stuck out on the menu called the U.S. Marshall. Believe or not this U.S. Marshall almost sounds like the most daring thing on the menu which we didn't think could be possible after conquering the Almond Crisp. Alas, we will have go back and get the scoop for you so look for an update at the bottom of this post very soon. We really can't resist going back and trying it for too much longer. For now though, we can do our best describe it. Ready? It boasts of Texas toast topped with hash browns, and we're assuming by the menu description, that piled onto that is three eggs of your choice with three pieces of either bacon, sausage, or grilled ham topped off by sausage gravy.

We appreciated not only the goodness of this great country style eatery but also the decor that went hand and hand with the experience that OldWest Cafe offers. 

It's hard to sum up a place that is very generous with their portions, but that would be all in vain if the food didn't leave you miserably happy. Miserable in the sense that your full but also happy because it  had the quality of food that you'd expect from a place that has country and good written all over it. The menu at OldWest Cafe is extraordinary in that there is so much variety there, that we literally spent almost 20 minutes agonizing over what to get. You see, we almost got so wrapped up in telling you how big the portion size is and how satisfying those portions were, that we almost forgot to mention how extensive OldWest Cafe's menu is. Extensive being so many choices on the breakfast menu which include, omelets, breakfast burritos (tip for you... which we've heard through the Grapevine are a hit and huge if you're up for the task), breakfast sandwiches, and chicken fried steak with eggs. Live Goode considers that a cornucopia in itself but that is not even half of the breakfast menu. Appealing as that may be, the breakfast and lunch items have appealing names such as the Bull Rider, Lucky Ace, the Gambler, the Alamo, Panhandler, and the Rough Rider so there is no way anybody couldn't leave feeling like they were cheated except maybe by the Gambler. Nothing wrong with that plate, it sounds good as it's a sour dough breakfast sandwich so you know we're just poking at the name. Speaking of poke, poke out of OldWest Cafe slowly is what you'll do, all the way to your car and that comfy couch waiting for your attention. With a lot of bang for your wallet in the quality, variety, and portion size department it's easy to fall in love with a place like this. To be swept away by all it's country charms please visit OldWest Cafe                                                                                                                                                                               


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  2. This is awesome! Thanks for the love.

    1. Jess, you certainly are welcome! Your tasty establishment deserves some wholesome recognition. Thanks for many a good breakfast! Texas style!
      Best Regards,



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