Thursday, December 1, 2011

Burger House Hamburgers: A Dallas Staple SInce 1951

If you mention "Burger House Hamburgers" to anybody that has lived in Dallas awhile, it's guaranteed that they will automatically know of that of which you speak. That's for a good reason too. Mainly because the Burger House in Dallas has been around since 1951. To be around that long and still thriving as a burger joint is a testament to the quality of burger they produce for all their loyal customers that keep coming back for more. You can count Livin' Tejas in that group of loyal customers because we will testify to the satisfaction of consuming many of their tasty burgers.

All this begs the question, what keeps customers ordering a Burger House Burger for over 60 years now? These questions need answers and I'm pretty sure I can offer a few up for you. First of all, we have to focus on what they are known for and what people think of when you talk about Burger House. They would tell you about the special seasoning they use on their burgers and more obviously so on their french fries. While Burger House won't give you the recipe for obvious reasons, they will tell you that it's a special salt. Special salt or not, it kind tastes of cumin, which take it from us, does greatly enhance the taste of their food and is part of the reason we love Burger House so much. We're pretty sure that we aren't the only ones that keep coming back to the addictive and distinctive taste of whatever the seasoning is that they use.

We recommend the burger first and foremost but the quality of the chicken in the chicken sandwich was way better than it should of been but that image is a great injustice to how good those fries taste!
While we'd love to tell you that it's all in the seasoning that they use, that wouldn't be completely fair to Burger House's delicious food. Everything we've tried there, has left us completely satisfied and is way beyond what you'd expect from a fast food kind of experience. While we wouldn't exactly consider Burger House fast food because it deserves a lot more recognition that, someone that is new to Dallas and doesn't know what Burger House is, might lump it into that category.

That aside, Burger House's hamburgers are very juicy and it tastes like a real treat, when we are able to go there and eagerly bite into their burgers. Which we might add, is not often enough. We'd come back not only for their juicy mouth watering burgers but for their fries and onion rings.

If you've been reading Livin' Tejas, you'd quickly realize that we are onion ring junkies. Some people love their fries and we don't take anything away from that but we like to order onion rings before the fries. Here at Burger House, an exception to that rule does take place. Why? As we mentioned earlier, while it's not all in the seasoning, we have to admit, that it is for their fries. When you order them they'll automatically know why because before you get to taste them, the smell of the special seasoning will overpower you into a deep trance. This is not a bad deep trance... just go with it; rather it's a delicious food one where your taste buds start salivating. While this is a little bit of exaggeration, it is partially true. You'll know it's Burger House by the smell should be a slogan of theirs. We digress, the smell is one thing but the taste of their special seasoning has to be tasted to be believed because it is very unique and addictive. Ok, their onion rings are good too (as they have very awesome breaded texture) but by all means try their fries first even if you aren't a fry fan like us, and there's no doubt you'll order them with every visit.

Burger House Hamburgers has been around for awhile so it's no wonder they have several locations in the Dallas area. There is nothing wrong with that, as it cuts down on our drive for sure. While it isn't neccessary, you'll want to try their original location in the famous Highland Park area of Dallas that has been opened since 1951. Do this at some point because it's a great nostalgic experience of a time long past. We say that because the location is small, wood abounds, and last but not least, it's very old looking with picnic tables. This location is very appropriate especially if you're showing someone around Dallas for the first time. If you can't make it to this location, by all means any location will do, just go there and be overpowered by the greatness this Dallas staple.


  1. Isn't it interesting how some of these places develop such a cult following? Thanks for posting, I had not heard of this burger place before.

    Appreciate that you go for onion rings over fries first!

  2. That is an excellent way to put it.. that's exactly what they have. I love exploring the huge vastness that is the world of burger joints. It's a never ending quest to try and experience the best of them. This one would be in the Top 10. BTW, I appreciate that you appreciate someone that goes for the onion rings first. :)
    Best Foodie Wishes,



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