Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fred's Texas Cafe: A Nationally Recognized Dive Offers Up The Good Stuff

At first glance, driving into Ft Worth's Cultural District you might miss the average and aged outside that proclaims that it is Fred's Texas Cafe. That's if you hadn't seen it before. There's a good chance you have as this old Ft Worth eatery has been featured on Food Network's Diner Drive In's & Dives. There's also a reason that I've seen it plastered all over my local access channel and written about in several publications very frequently over the years. This nationally recognized eatery offers up the goods in the form of some of the best tasting burgers this side of Texas.

I gotta tell you that if you come to Fred's be ready for a delicious and hearty 1/2 pound burger. That's advice not to skimp for the 1/4 pound burger. No, you're going to want something heartier trust me on this one. Don't worry, if you can't finish it you can let the always hungry kiddos have at it. I took my own advice in advance of giving the advice and got the 1/2 lbs Fredburger with fries. It was quite a burger with very well seasoned meat and sandwiched in between what seemed like above average buns. Now, it was good don't get me wrong but I did need something a bit more on it besides mustard (yes I held off on the cheese). I wish I would of given myself some more advice in advance and was more daring. As delicious tasting and filling as my burger was, Fred's is the kind of burger that would be 100x better with the bonus extras. That's because after I ate my burger, I opened up the menu again (it's nice when a eatery leaves their menu on the table - a lot of places scoop them up so fast like you're going to run off with em) and knew immediately that I could of upped my burger happiness. Just looking at some of the burgers descriptions such as the BBQ Cheddar Burger and the Blue Cheese Burger, it's like they were staring in the face from the menu saying, "you missed out buddy"! The one on the menu that probably proclaimed this the loudest was the Bacon Mushroom Burger which comes topped with a a portabello mushroom, bacon, grilled onions, melted Swiss cheese, pickles, lettuce, and tomato. Oh well, reasons to go back.. always a good thing.

It was so hot even our burgers were sweating!
Now, my foodie partner in crime, she did an extraordinary thing by getting the Portabella Burger. Mind you that it was meatless but when you have a Portabella mushroom as succulent and juicy as the one I taste tested, then going meatless is not the end of the world. My taste buds were very happy that she was kind enough to let me sample this wonderful veggie creation. It was also nice to see that they offered this choice for fans that aren't as big of burger lovers as some of us. 

Speaking of lovers, you might know by now (if you've been following this blog) that I'm not a huge fry lover as some of your kind might be. As tempting and great sounding as the menu was at Fred's Texas Cafe my heart was a little saddened that they did not offer the choice in the form of onion rings to those of us that share my sentiment. Ok, I'll hand it to them though, the fries at Fred's couldn't of been much better. They came out warm and it was obvious that they were cut fresh. What more could you ask for? Silly me, I shouldn't of asked that because the onion rings, if they did make them would of been made in the fries likeness. If you're reading this Fred's, make at least a secret menu where my kind could order O-rings! Ok, I'll stop complaining but you should know this was coming. Hell hath no fury like a man that loves his onions! 

Gotta love a place that has such a sign as spotted behind the bar.
You should also know (and if you don't I'll tell you) that I don't seek to sit outside and eat. I sweat way too easily in this scorching Texas heat. Oh but I didn't have a choice because all those that appreciate the A/C were jammed inside so I sat wherever I could. The reason I mention this is because this is not a bad thing to do at Fred's especially as hot as it was. Fred's not only has satisfying your stomach in on the menu, they also have your comfort in mind. Comfort in the form of a huge nicely decorated covered patio with plenty of tables to be exact. One of the most important comfort features being oversized and powerful fans blowing on us sweltering hungry customers.. nice touch Fred's.. thanks! That reminds me, the service was A+ for as busy as it was. I like to see that in my service and I surly thanked them in the tip department.

All in all, Fred's Texas Cafe was a experience worth writing home about and then going back and sampling some of their already awesome burgers and then writing home about it again. In other words, I am going back and I'm going to be daring enough and go all out for some fabulous fixings on my burger. When your in town be sure to do the same and don't pass up this nationally known foodie gem right middle of the Ft Worth cultural district. Fred's Texas Cafe will satisfy your beefy burger mood like few others. 

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