Saturday, October 9, 2010

Famed Kincaid's Hamburgers in Ft Worth, TX, The Original!

Last week when Livin Tejas went to original and legendary Sonny Bryan's BBQ in Dallas, we knew that it was only right to follow that up with something in the same ballpark.  Livin Tejas only wants to show our readers the best eateries that Texas offers and there is no doubt that we did that again for this week.

The original Kincaid's Hamburgers that we visited is in Ft Worth and is what the original Sonny Bryan's  is for Dallas. This is to say, as with Sonny Bryan's, the history of Kincaid's is part of what makes it as legendary as the food they serve.

Inside Kincaid's, it's storied history lives on in the original store shelves that lead to the ordering counter

The background of Kincaid's dates back all the way to 1946 when it started as a bustling grocery store and full service meat market named Charles Kincaid's Grocery and Meat Market. As you can see from the first picture that name was never disregarded. Evolving from that, in 1964 the meat cutter for the meat market, a man by the name of O.R Gentry (who'd been working there since 1947) started cooking up hamburgers for the customers. The rest was history as in 1967 he bought the place and Kincaid's Hamburgers was born. It's safe to say, that they probably never looked back, as the burgers soon became a hit and the news about how good they were got out and still does today.

We know that Mr Gentry, the man who started it all, would be proud that his popular burgers still bring in the crowds. This is true, as we went on a Saturday afternoon and were hard pressed to find a table. After a little patience and a good eye, we found a smaller table near the order counter and waited for our order to be called. Finally, it did and we unwrapped our food like giddy little children on Christmas Day. You see, Kincaid's is known for serving their food in a paper sack even if you're dining in.

It all was worth our time and unwrapping effort though because the first bite of Ft Worth's famed 8 oz Kincaid's burger was as good as the last. Maybe, the reason that it was so good, is that Kincaid's states that it only uses the best U.S.D.A Black Angus chuck and we could tell by the freshness of the meat. Also, the juiciness of the meat, topped with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickles in combo with a tasty bun really packed a delicious punch.

There is no way that we could forget to tell you about the onion rings pictured above. If we thought Sonny Bryan's in the below post had knockout onion rings and they do, these take the heavy weight prize for the best we've ever had. Livin Tejas, really didn't think that was possible after Sonny Bryan's so we see no way, that onion rings could possibly be any better than at Kincaid's. It's hard to put into words how great they were because you'd have to taste them to believe it. Simply.... warm, fresh, juicy, breaded, and fried to taste like heaven is the closest we can come. Go immediately to Kincaid's if you're town just to try them and we know you'll agree.

 These stand up counters were popular back in the day and people still enjoy them at Kincaid's today

During our experience at Kincaid's, we could see why countless articles have been written about how good Kincaid's burgers really are. We feel like it's only right to back them up by saying that in our opinion, Kincaid's has to be one of the best burger joints in the Texas and we've tried many in Texas. We hope you'll get to experience it's one of a kind burger and history so please don't pass up the opportunity if you're ever in Ft Worth. To find this original location and others, please visit Kincaid's Hamburgers

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