Saturday, October 2, 2010

Legendary Sonny Bryan's BBQ in Dallas, TX, The Original!

You might of seen this coming from a mile away but it had to be done. This Texas blog wouldn't be complete without a post (and more in the future) about Good Ol' Fashion Texas BBQ. Furthermore, Livin Tejas didn't just go to any BBQ joint, no sir ma'am, we went to visit the legendary and nationally known original location for Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse BBQ (it didn't make it onto to Rachel Ray's show for nothing) in none other than Dallas, Texas. As you can see from the sign, this BBQ has been around longer than your Aunt Sally Mae, and mine too. Words can't describe how old this place is, you might not be able to tell from this picture but this original Sonny Bryan's is basically a shack! Don't let the shack door hit you on the way out though because the mystique of this place is just as refined as the BBQ.

As we just mentioned, the old fashioned nature of this place, goes right along with the BBQ. If you sit inside, expect to sit your keaster in a desk. Yes, you heard right, no fancy table tops can be found at this famous landmark of BBQ. Many of a famous persons have done just that, unfortunately not while we were there, or guaranteed we'd got a shot for ya. However, a story was told to me by a family member that they witnessed Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones eating some BBQ here not too long ago. Livin Tejas is based in Tejas so as the Tejas people say, yee haw, stick it to em Cowboy's. That's a different post though. Getting back to this one, if you ever find yourself at this Sonny Bryan's look around because  plenty of pictures of famous people especially famous Texans can be found hanging on the wall. Just might be what you fancy. Livin Tejas fancies the BBQ though so as a Texan might say, let's dig in....

Just looking at this, can make you want to go out of  your way to experience  Sonny Bryan's BBQ. 
 Words can't describe, how wonderful tasting, Sonny Bryan's BBQ is. There are also surprisingly, many great meats and sides to choose from considering this is an original location. Livin Tejas went for what we thought we'd be the most popular items on the menu to give you a show of them.

First up, came the sliced brisket sandwich, because if you eat BBQ in Texas you're going to want to go there. The brisket is fall off the bone quality, although if you know BBQ then you know that there is no bone in brisket, just all flavor. Fall off the bone is still a good way to describe good BBQ though and Sonny Bryan's brisket lives up to that. Now, go ahead and be generous with the sauce because you won't find sauce of this caliber at many BBQ stops. As you can see, we did just that. 

One of the biggest tips I can give you is to try the onion rings and speaking of big, they are probably without a doubt some of the biggest you can find anywhere. Sometimes good things don't always come big, but Livin Tejas would take a trip to Sonny Bryan's just for their onion rings, they are that good! It may come as another surprise but they aren't that greasy for being as huge as they are and they're breaded and fried to perfection. When you bite into them, you can truly taste the juiciness of the onion, so delicious. Let's see what else is for lunch....

This rib plate is literally overflowing with goodness
We might of just died and gone to BBQ heaven, lookie at those ribs. Makes you want to say yummy. It's safe to say that these here ribs are stick to your ribs quality. It's hard to put into words how delicious these ribs were but I'd recommend, if it's your first time going to Sonny Bryan's, to try out the sandwiches.

You might ask, how were the beans and coleslaw? They get high marks in the Livin Tejas book of BBQ. The coleslaw complimented the brisket perfectly and beans were delicious because they were spicy and not run of the mill pinto beans.

Livin Tejas can't end a story of famous BBQ from Texas without telling you, well a story of not only the food but of the friendliness of a employee of this locale. It's like he knew we were coming and wanted us to feel at home because he opened the door for us and greeted us upon arrival. Might not sound like much but he was genuine. Unfortunately, we didn't catch his name but he is the type of guy that exemplifies Texas friendlessness and hospitality. Whoever, you were that struck up a conversation with us, you can eat BBQ with us anytime. For more information on how you can find yourself eating BBQ at this famous Dallas and nationally if not worldly known landmark, please visit Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse


  1. A great place for BBQ. They have a couple of locations, but nothing beats this original spot.

  2. I totally agree Jim! I've been to all the other locations, they're good but not on the level of the original. Although, I must say, the one in the West End in downtown Dallas comes close. That was the one that Rachel Ray visited twice. It wins as far as being the most spacious and comfortable. Thanks for stopping by. Please come back again soon. Best Regards, Matt

  3. I agree-nothing beats the original Sonny's!

    I love that they keep their barbecue sauce in Corona bottles that they keep warm over hot water. That makes it taste that much better!

    This restaurant is what I imagine heaven to be like. Thanks for this! :)


  4. Christina, you're right about that sauce in the Corona bottles! It's one of a kind. Too bad they don't package it up and put it in stores. I could put that on a lot of stuff and be really happy. Yes, I guess the original Sonny Bryan's will always be on our list of heavenly BBQ joints. Thanks for the feedback and please stop by again soon.
    Best Regards, Matt



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